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 New idea (The Earth children idea)

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New idea (The Earth children idea) Empty
PostSubject: New idea (The Earth children idea)   New idea (The Earth children idea) EmptyTue Sep 23, 2008 3:45 pm

I have an idea for a book that's based of today's earth and in today's time.
Here's the outline.

The pack
Annan- Antony
Tifi Li - Tiffany
Tre Lu - Trevor

The people named above are my charries, the main ones. I've really got no story for them, save that they are aliens from another world. They appear human and look every bit the part, but they can change at will, into a wolf form. They came from a race that calls themselves the "Vedons"

What I only have atm, is their bios and how they arrived at the town. They aren't werewolves, but (what I had in mind) the legend of the werewolf came from their race.

What I thought to do was start the story with them coming to a city and the ones with the human names, all get enrolled into a school. I'm thinking that three people can join, but they might have to be students.

Any ideas?
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New idea (The Earth children idea)
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