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 Echo's Wolves and Other Characters

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Unfamiliar wolf
Unfamiliar wolf

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PostSubject: Echo's Wolves and Other Characters   Echo's Wolves and Other Characters EmptySat Mar 10, 2012 6:22 pm

Pup Name: Kilofrie | Age: about 6 or 7 moons | Gender: male |

Pack: Black Mountain pack | Current Rank: pup |

Parents: N/A | Siblings: N/A| [u]Mate: N/A| Children: N/A |

Generally: personally, Kiloffie is a rather playful pup, though he is not very trusting. He can be very somber at times and almost adult-like as well. He has very good running skills and is very agile, though he is not very strong. Has a very good sense of smell as well. He doesn't tend to be very trusting, and can be seen gazing up at the sky or at the horizon with a distant expression on his face.

Species:Great plains wolf (possibly)
Physical Description:He is a rather short wolf, with proportionally longer legs than normal. He has a thin muzzle, though it is of normal length, and somewhat large paws. His ears are also a bit large for his head. Hi s fur is slightly shorter than the other wolves of the forest, as he is from the South (which also accounts for his weird name), and is a solid brown-grey with blackish overcoat splotches on the end of his muzzle, his back, and on the top of his tail. His belly fur is slightly cream. Amber eyes that are very clear.His upper right canine tooth is also slightly crooked, but you would only ever see it if you looked long enough. Log whiskers and thinner tail (less bushy)

Before the Pack: He had a normal life in a rather large pack far toward the south, though at that time there were some rather large scale pack wars going on over a recent shortage of food. His pack was driven farther and farther north by the warring packs and the need for food, before finally settling not far south of the Black Mountain's packlands. However, since it was so much colder than it was in the south, and there was still not as much food as they had been used to in earlier years, some older, weaker, and younger pack members had to be sent from the pack (this was not an "evil" thing, think more "pushed out to went" from Young Freddle, it was to help the healthy, more able members to survive), and he was one of those wolves. Eventually he was found within the Black Mountain's borders, underneath a bush, asleep and starving.
Within the Pack: N/A

If anything needs to be improved or changed, let me know, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Echo's Wolves and Other Characters   Echo's Wolves and Other Characters EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 9:24 pm

Accepted Smile and as he's at least 6 moons he has the choice to Dream a new name. To do this he has to talk to my Spiritual character, Wind Feather, about Dreaming and she will lead him to The Sacred Tree where he will fall asleep and Dream of his new name. These names are natural names (things like Wind Feather, Hailstorm, MudSpider, etc etc)...kind of like Warrior's names but they can also be only a single word or more than two words also. Read the topic Silent Dreams in TBMP territory to get a better idea Smile if you need more clarification, just PM me ^^ or we can chat about it at SB :3
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Echo's Wolves and Other Characters
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