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 Soul's Profile (Zan's Character)

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Soul's Profile (Zan's Character) Empty
PostSubject: Soul's Profile (Zan's Character)   Soul's Profile (Zan's Character) EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 11:39 pm

((He is for a future character. I don't plan on using him yet until AutumnFeather and Yellowfang's pups are around a year old. But might be used earlier than that depending on how long it takes for them to grow up. He can be judged though if you would like to drop comments about him))

Soul's Profile (Zan's Character) CharacterSoul1

Name: Soul
Age: 8 months
Sex: Male
Mate: None (Available)
Species: Wolf
Height: 30 Inches ( 2.9 Feet)
Weight: 77 pounds
Description or picture: He is a grey male wolf with a lighter grey belly and mane. His legs go from the grey to the light grey to dark grey toes. He has darker grey bands around his legs and muzzle and bright gold eyes.
Personality: He is known for being calm, reserved and aloof, he prefers to use the direct approach, which most of the time fails. He is slightly immature by being headstrong, stubborn, apathetic to most things, and argumentative. He was also a slacker that liked to find an easier way out of situations.
However, he is possibly one of the most loyal wolves one could possibly meet. He firmly believes that breaking promises and changing sides or cheating is one of the worse things someone can do. Deep down, he is always looking out for his friends, and is even willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect his packmates, showing his bravery and dedication. Despite his usual unenthusiastic appearance, he proves to be actually quite determined, and he also helps people get back on their feet when they are at a loss. He is also quick-thinking and cunning, being able to figure out a plan or a strategy rather quickly.
After he gets older and matures:
His stubborn and headstrong demeanor is replaced by a more cool-headed and serious one. He remains remarkably calm and composed no matter how dire the situation is and has impressively deep insight on various situations and people. He is often seen noticing important points no one else had thought of. This goes hand-in-hand with his acute sense and judgment. He has a good degree of self-control, extremely strong willpower.
He does not waste his words and is often blunt and sometimes short with people, but what he says is mostly to the point. He is also not as trusting as others, showing immediate hostility to anyone who he considers as suspicious, and his deductions are mostly correct. Once he considers someone as an enemy, he sticks to this opinion until it is proven wrong.
He always tends to think things through before doing certain actions. Although this makes him more aware of things that some people cannot see, it sometimes hinders him as he often ends up doubting and hesitating at crucial moments, thereby making him become very indecisive when a decision has to be made quickly. However, he seems to suffer from low self esteem and is not that confident in himself.

Pack: TWRP
Rank: In Training
Religion: TWRP


Fun Facts:
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Soul's Profile (Zan's Character)
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