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Loyal Packmate

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PostSubject: My NEW DROID RAZR!   Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:34 pm

Ok guys hang on to your fur, I have a new top of the line Droid Razr!! I been wanting onre of them FOREVER!
We bought it with the FULL featured plan & contract too! if anyone wants my number ask & I'll give it to you, by request. Names I can give it to that are now Zeroki, Dale. I cant with anyone else atm. Oh I have my own phone number as dads is different from mine!

My Droid Razr with box!My DROID RAZR & box it came in.
Its has a full service plan and warranty and 4GB+ Data Stream too, and all kindsa cool goodies! Also 4G LTE as standard issue. I'm just loving this! an extra Christmas gift from mom & dad!

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