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 Heavens' characters

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CHARACTER AGE: 5 human years (about 35 wolf years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION: Fur is between white and off-white. The top of his head and ears is dark grey, which fades down to his muzzle. It also fades down his neck and back, becoming invisible just before his rump. It also fades down his chest and he has grey-blue eyes. He is very calm and placid, and very rarely displays any anger or negative feelings. He is friendly, patient, and easy to talk to, and often carries a light and gentle smile on his face. He has also been described as wise beyond his years.
HISTORY: He was orginally a member of a distant pack, but was seperated from them during their yearly move to better hunting grounds for the winter. He came across the Black Mountain Pack and was quickly accepted by Sage Ghost and appointed to be the pack Spirit Guide. One of his most important assignments was to help break the case of Black Paw's mysterious death, and although he was successful, he payed a big price. To this day, he has kept his challenges and occassional suffering a secret from everyone.
Sometime later, after the betas Red Eagle and White Ash had pups, Silver Eagle discovered that their daughter Two Birds possessed the abilities of a Spirit Guide, and took her on as his apprentice.

CHARACTER NAME: Shining Skybird
CHARACTER AGE: 4 human years (28 in wolf years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION:Light brown fur, white chest and underside, dark brown fur lining around her mouth, and light grey-blue eyes. She is incredibly cheerful, outgoing, and playful. In a sense, she is almost like one big pup. She readily accepts anyone and everyone she knows as her friend. It is not often that she gets upset, but she shows it when she does. She is patient and practically never gets angry over anything.
HISTORY: I have yet to devise one for her...if I think of it, I will post it.

CHARACTERS RANK: scout apprentice
CHARACTER AGE: 2 human years (about 14 wolf years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION: Silver grey/light grey fur with a white chest and underbelly; crystal blue eyes. When she first meets someone she comes across as shy and quiet, and will probably not say a word until she feels comfortable enough with their presence. If someone says she can't do something, she will do everything in her power to prove them wrong. She will prove to be persistant and occassionally hard-headed, but while still maintaining an amount of respect for those of authority. When she is at her worst she becomes somber, and her eyes will make anyone feel as though her gaze is piercing through their soul. Even when she isn't at her worst, when she looks into another's eyes it almost seems as though she is looking into their mind, as though searching for answers.
HISTORY: She was born into a different pack and started off living a pretty normal life. As her life went on bad accidents started to happen whenever she was around others, namely to the other pups in the pack. She started to develop a reputation as being a curse to the pack, and after almost every pup had either been hurt or died, the adults finally decided to get rid of her. All she remembers is going asleep and later waking up alone in the middle of nowhere. She wandered for a couple days in hope of finding her home, but wound up getting caught in a massive blizzard. She eventually crossed TBMP's borders and was found by Silent Paw. She was incredibly ill and was nursed back to health by the healers Shining Skybird and Broken Light.
Silent Paw became her adoptive father, and as she grew up, they formed a very tight bond. They were even given a gift from the Spirit of Wisdom, which allowed them to hear eachother's words by looking directly into the other's eyes. She would hardly go anywhere without him, and Willow would even go so far as to sneak away from the pupsitters to watch him train with the other scouts (while hidden, of course). During this time, Willow would mimic his moves, which is what flamed her passion to be a fighter, just like him. Once she became of age, she became Silent Paw's apprentice, which helped to strengthen her bond with him even more. However, tension rose once Silent Paw and the Omega Streak developed a love for eachother, and later became mates. Fearing that Silent Paw would give her less attention, or even abandon her, she went into a brief phase of anger and grief, but was later reassured by Silent Paw that nothing between them would change. Willow will never consider Streak to be her adoptive mother, and although she hasn't developed a strong liking of the female, Willow at least has developed a tolerance for Streak and is slowly accepting Streak more and more into her life.

CHARACTER NAME: New Dawn (formerly New Moon)
CHARACTER RANK: apprentice
CHARACTER AGE: almost two human years (about 14 wolf years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Swift River Clan
DESCRIPTION: Caramel brown fur; white chest, belly, and tail tip; light brown eyes. She is fairly quiet and soft-spoken. She is extremely kind and polite to others and is often quick to apologize. She likes and wants to be accepted by everyone she knows, and so she often puts the happiness of others before her own. She is not one to argue or really stick up for herself, so she'll do just about anything she is asked and will take the harshest of words and think that she somehow deserved it. Despite this, she can always manage to see the good in everyone.
HISTORY:New Moon's parents were both members of TSRC, and both were Scouts. Her father, Raging Wind, died in a hunting incident before she had even been born. When her mother, Snow Bird, gave birth, New Moon was the only one of 3 pups to survive their first week of life. New Moon's mother fell ill (partially due to grief) sometime after her first week of giving birth, and when New Moon had reached one month of age her mother died.
She went through a period of about a month where she didn't have a sole caretaker, but rather relied on the pack as a whole in order to survive. When she was around 2 months old, she was adopted by Autumn. Although her shy and passive nature prevented her from getting too close so fast at first, she soon became close to Autumn and looked to him as her father-figure. Once she became of age, New Moon recieved the name New Dawn, and became an apprentice to Silent Wind, whom had recently joined the pack. She also developed a fondness for Red Moon, a wolf just slightly older than herself, who was also in a way taken in by Autumn. He was a scout, and since New Dawn was still training, she would often spend her free time admiring him from afar. After losing to him in a practice fight, she later overheard him getting angry at himself about going too hard on her, and it was at that moment that she summoned up the courage to go talk to him. After getting to be more physically close to him than she had ever dreamed, she believes that they have made a connection that will bring them together as more than just friends.

CHARACTER AGE: 5 human years (35 wolf years)
DESCRIPTION: Primary fur is black. The top of his head, his ears, neck, back, rump, and hind legs are dark grey. His tail is dark grey with a black tip. Eyes are yellow. A scar stretches from above his right eye, stops at the eyelid, then begins again at the left corner of his right eye and stretches down to his left cheek.
Personality - Sharpclaw has a strong fortitude and is a bit of an opportunist. He tends to enjoy toying with the minds of others and can be quite malicious, especially in battle. He is aggressive and knows how to get what he wants, but he is sometimes quick tempered.
HISTORY (if any) - Sharpclaw grew up in a pack east of the Swift River clan, and his parents were ranked as betas of the pack. Sharpclaw grew up being a natural born fighter. He grew up loving to fight, and by the time he had reached adutlhood he was in line for a very respected position: head solider. He did, however, have some competition. The youngest son of the alpha was the other candidate for the position, and as he had grown up being a bit spoiled, it was his way or the highway. To resolve the conflict on who would get the position, Sharpclaw and the alpha's son (Black Bear) were set to fight for the position. The night before, however, Black Bear purposefully scratched up his body and then went to his father, the alpha, to claim that Sharpclaw had committed the deed and forced him to drop out under a threat. The alpha, being old and feeble minded, judged Sharpclaw to be guilty, and with no one sticking up for Sharplclaw (mostly because of the reputation he had because of his personality), he was banished from the pack. He is currently a scout for the Swift River Clan, but has yet to do anything too devious.

CHARACTER RANK: scout (preferably)
CHARACTER AGE: 5 human years (35 wolf years)
DESCRIPTION: Primary fur is dark brown. Her chest and underbelly are a more tanish brown, and so are the tip of her ears and the tip of her tail. Her eyes are a clouded over light blue
Personality - Like her brother Sharpclaw, she has a strong fortitude, but she is much more stoic and callous. She is almost never heard talking, but it is not because she can't, she merely chooses not to. She also tends to be indifferent about most things and likes to be independent. She is, however, almost completely blind, which explains her clouded eyes. She can see objects that are really close, as in within a couple inches of her face, and even then the objects are very blurry to her. Because she is almost blind she is very acute to sound, smell, and touch, which she counts on to allow her to survive. She especially hates it when others treat her differently because of her blindness.
HISTORY (if any) - Silent Wind and Sharpclaw are brother and sister and grew up i nthe same pack. She had to deal with bad vision her whole puphood. It started off only minor though, but rapidly got worse. By the time she was about six months old, her condition was at where it is presently. With her vision almost depleted, her parents became overprotective of her, often keeping her isolated from other pups of the pack so she wouldn't get hurt. The only wolves she regularly came in contact with were her parents, siblings (2 brothers, 1 sister), and trainer. Her parents had paired her with one of the solider/hunters of the pack so she could learn some basic self-defense techniques, but nothing too drastic. Without her parents knowledge she began doing some training with her brother Sharpclaw on the side, since he too was recieving instruction from one of the soldiers. As they grew older she never learned much more from her trainer, but because her brother Sharpclaw was able to advance much quicker, he would usually teach her what he had learned. She had no way of knowing if he really was guilty or not, but she believed him not to be. The day he left she secretly followed him, and he discovered her not long after leaving. He threatened to take her back, but she pleaded with him to let her stay. She was tired of being isolated and wanted to be free from the pack. Whether Sharpclaw understood how she felt, or merely felt sorry for her, he allowed her to come with. Since then the two have traveled together in hopes of finding a new home to build a new life.
Before becoming a scout for the Clan, Silent Wind first had to prove that she had the skills and abilities to fight despite her near blindness. After proving herself to be worthy, she was given the rank, and later took on New Dawn to be her apprentice.

Future character(s)

Name: Swift Storm (future name undecided)
Sex: Male
Age: unborn
Affiliation: BMP
Physical traits: brown fur, with dark brown sur surrounding his eyes, and white ears. Eyes are grey-blue.
Personality: As a pup he will be introverted and somewhat shy, but tries hard to be a part of the pack. He will show extraordinary potential as a fighter during his early puphood. As an adult he will still be mostly introverted, and although he would never turn against his pack, his personality will take a dark spin. More of his persona will be revealed after he is born and becomes active.
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Heavens' characters
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