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 The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (Cont., Imara)

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The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (Cont., Imara) Empty
PostSubject: The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (Cont., Imara)   The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (Cont., Imara) EmptySat Sep 01, 2007 10:57 pm

With Tiffa behind him and Navi fluttering around his head, Link carefully started up the stairs. Their way was lit by a series of torches along the walls, providing just enough light that Link was able to avoid several bad steps. A few keese, disturbed from their slumbers, screeched down the winding corridor, flying just over Link's head. A foul-smelling wind whipped past, causing Link to clutch his nose.

Eventually, the stairway ended, and Link and Tiffa found themselves on top of the structure. It appeared that this had once been the top floor, and that the platform had been an arena of some sort, but now crumbled away, and a careless step by either of the two Hylians would send them plummeting toward the thick black forest below.

Link looked around, certain that their first foe would be up here, but a few moments later, that same, familiar, piercing shriek filled the air. Crying out, Link dropped the Master Sword and clutched his ears, falling to the ground. Now with some protection, Link thought he could make out a call... LIIIIIINK! Link forced himself to stand and look in the direction from which he thought the call had come.

Out on the Platform, Link could see for the first time the giant, hulking form. It was not unlike a worm or caterpillar. It was made up of five round body sections that, while black, shimmered like obsidian in the pale moonlight. A series of red hairs that covered each segment. The front section was covered in red hair too, except for the front and the upper part of each side. In front, Link could see a round mouth, filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth as long as his arm, teeth that looked capable of devouring rocks like the Gorons would often do, only bigger. Along each side of its head were a pair of glowing, crimson, triangular eyes. They appeared to start wide toward the middle of its head segment and then become narrower until they stopped just over its mouth.

Perhaps most disturbing off all was that th creature did not seem to move with legs or by wiggling its body segments, Indeed, its body segments appeared-semi-frictionless, constantly in motion. Rather, attatched to its rear-most body section was what appeared to be a propeller. It sat slightly above the ground, and pushed the creature along at a surprising speed. "So..." Link muttered, "This is Moldorm".

The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (Cont., Imara) HeavensWolfBanner-1
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The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (Cont., Imara)
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