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 Tawny's Wolves

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Unfamiliar wolf
Unfamiliar wolf

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PostSubject: Tawny's Wolves   Tawny's Wolves EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 6:54 pm

Tawny's Wolves Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSedLUmFbm_Ah5NPWPC-jklKUWKO5EGDZEokTmbylb5IZ1jiKuXOQTawny's Wolves Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTXLIvwIS8srOqa2xXhPEpBZgMC0tHKXHl4CuwqfpCc-NEEMZQl

Name: Zerich ('Zare-ick')

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Description: Zerich stands about average height and weight with a main color of black for his pelt. He has white paws, a white tail-tip, and his face is a transition between black and white, bearing green eyes that hold a spark of young life, mischief, and wisdom. Strong white teeth and a very structured face, Zerich is muscular but lean, coat holding a decent shine as well as medium length.

Personality: Zerich is a complete sweetheart and would be that guy you know who flirts with every girl just because he can. However, Zerich has always had a problem with his anger, especially after his rank dropped from alpha to rouge. Zerich is troubled beneath his friendly act. He is very authoritive, and has a difficult time getting into and staying in a pack because of his defiance to any alpha. He refuses to follow easily beneath another, but a gentle leader who is understanding of him could perhaps win his stubborn ways. Zerich would go to his life's end to protect those he cares about, and will hopefully some day make a great father and once again rise to strong, fair power where he truly belongs.

History: Zerich killed his own grandfather for alpha position, ridding the pack of any improper rule. He was an amazing alpha and improved his pack greatly. He was family to them all. Accepting and loving, fun. His brother hated him for it, despised him for what he had done. And one night dear Slayde left his brothers ruling and disappeared. what happened next had been absolute tragedy. the fire came out of nowhere. Slayde stood strong from the shadows and watched in disbelief as young Zerich panicked. He only got his sister out of the flames. Only saved one of the many in his family. Zerich and Cala never saw their brother again. He disappeared and to this day both think him dead. Cala has found far easier life and acceptance in packs however, despite Zerich. He sticks near where she travels, but its still too stubborn to be led by another.

Blazing Moon Pack-Deceased
Slayde- Living (Though to be deceased)--Brother
Cala- Living --Sister

Pack: Rouge

Rank: Ex Alpha, Rouge (Delta when/if he joins Black Mountain Pack)

Tawny's Wolves Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1i_RmFfJQZja6GZY5nEj1Du1y-atKp_59g20WGnzYfA4egJY3dgTawny's Wolves Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSBfLT6K3uTMAcVREYn_2gEbT6uDEQZXc1QpuwNbk2P7MHoYU1w

Name: Cala ('Cal-uh')

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Description: Cala is a tad bit on the smaller side, with gorgeous brown fur of multiple shades and hazel eyes. She's lean, but also carries a very muscle packed figure. Strong and lithe, she is quick on her paws and very skilled in moving silently. She carries herself in a way that says 'You can't mess with me' but the looks she gives can melt ones heart and knock them dead. She's very deceitful with her looks when she needs to be. This beauty has a bite.

Personality: Cala 'takes nothing from no one'. She's hardheaded like her brother but is also far gentler than him. she loves pups, and is very sassy and flirty, sarcastic. But Cala won't stand up for herself like Zerich. She can be influenced easily is one tries hard enough, and this often hurts her. Despite being a she-wolf, Cala feels she can go out and do the dirty work as well. She enjoys showing off, but sometime just enjoys her time alone to gaze at the moon and simply....remember.

History: (See Zerich's) she got into the Black Mountain Pack and knows Zerich watches her every move still, despite his refusal to try allowing himself to be accepted.

Blazing Moon Pack- Deceased
Slayde- Alive (though to be deceased)--Brother
Zerich- Alive --Brother

Pack: Black Mountain Pack

Rank: Soldier..?

Tawny's Wolves Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTcvtP74_x4X0o1L0yUDTixZpkCdcusund88-ZMiAqiZLe6J5ny-ATawny's Wolves Z

Name: Slayde ('Slayed')

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Description: Slayde is a very muscular wolf, lacking some of the lithe build of his brother and sister. He holds clear power strength-wise. His fur is medium in length and a silver-gray in color, holding that softness of his sisters and the shine of his brothers. He was obviously always the strongest of the three and perhaps most deserving to be alpha. His eyes are an odd set. The left is brown, the right green. Slayde has seen many battles in his young life and shows is with his distrust towards others. He will rarely approach another wolf on his own accord.

Personality: Slayde is nasty and cruel, defiant of the word of others. He holds a deep hate in his heart, and it is initially thought to be towards his brother. The way he took the throne then panicked and let his entire pack burn. Slayde is still mourning and hurt, he is afraid of letting anyone see any sort of tender emotion, even if those feelings are there. He is rude and blatantly truthful to anyone wanting to hear anything. even if one doesn't say something wrong, he will snap. Thought to be a cold hearted killer, Slayde avoids any pack he can, preferring to lurk in the shadows in search of his forever lost mate.

History: (See Zerich's) Slayde was the one who watched from the shadows as his pack burned alive. He had always thought he would be the next alpha. So upon leaving the pack, he had been stunned when Zerich had let them all die. Had watched him fight their own father to the death while everyone else burned. Zerich had thought him wrong to leave, Slayde had only wanted to feed his expecting mate... He was supposed to be a father.... and Zerich had let her burn in the flames as well. He let them think he was dead...didn't want to face his brother again, afraid of the anger that might unleash itself.

Blazing moon Pack - Deceased
Laya- Deceased --Mate
Zerich- Alive --Brother
Cala- Alive (thought to be deceased) --Sister

Pack: Rouge

Rank: ex beta, rouge
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Tawny's Wolves
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